"what is Web3D?"
The evolution of the internet from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 has
delivered many well known and tangible benefits.  Web3D and
‘virtual workspaces’ take this evolution one step further and are
poised to deliver a level of engagement hitherto unimagined.
Web3D allows the creation of ‘virtual worlds’. These can be fantasy
worlds, or may reflect a more ‘real world’ environment. Effective
virtual worlds use many techniques to enhance the online
experience - encouraging the user to ‘immerse’ themselves in the
spaces and activities. These techniques include psychological cues
which are embedded in the environment and which enable access
to assets which are normally ‘distant’ to the user. This level of
immersive engagement with the environment and other
participants. delivers a level of team building and social
cohesiveness -  enhancing creativity, spontaneity and
communication - in ways that would not be possible in another